Hello and welcome to my site. I grew up reading fantasy; it is my first love, and it is what I write. I also love most things paranormal, so I tend to combine the two in many of my stories. And we can’t forget a touch of romance- nothing beats the tension between characters and the build up to that first kiss. That said, plot is very important to me. I like stories that can exist without romance but are made deeper because of it. My goal is to create works that balance strong character development with a plot that doesn’t fall flat.

Most of my stories, including my very first and my current WIP, come to me as dreams. I see scenes and when I wake, I try to figure out who the characters are. I delve into their backgrounds, thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears. From there, I set them in a world and flesh that out. The process takes awhile, I am an extensive out-liner, but I love it! Few things make me happier than brainstorming a new idea and fitting all the pieces together, getting them to mesh in a way that brings characters and story to life.

I am also an artist and a HUGE fan of Photoshop. When not writing, I’m often drawing or modifying photos for myself or others. It is just another way for me to create characters! You can see examples of my work by clicking the page: Niki’s Digital Studio.

Oh, and this is my little man Pooey, I can pretty much guarantee he’s sitting on my shoulder (or keyboard) whenever I’m typing.